Who We Are

About us

Cultivate has come a long way in bringing new ideas to the world of corporate gifting. Since 2010, we’ve honed in on the reasons we’re so enthusiastic about gifting and how we’re different from the competition. We understand that it’s just as much about the experience as it is the gifts and believe your gift program should be remembered long after it’s over. Cultivate is invested in great brand partnerships and committed to delivering clients’ gift programs flawlessly. Keeping a clear eye on what we believe in and always considering the why, our team works every day to appreciate and inspire.

How We Work

Diamond Level Service

Diamond Level service ensures a full-service, turnkey process that results in your guests receiving an unforgettable experience. We take care of the details so you don’t have to.

Gift Experiences by Brand

Selecting the right brands for your gift program can make all the difference in the world. Invite your guests to shop well-known brands and discover new ones from a Curated Collection.

Making the Moment Last

Continue to spark meaningful conversations long after your event ends with the concepts of choice, aspirational brands, and frequency of use.

Our Core Purpose

Appreciate & Inspire

A company’s core values should be extracted, lived, and felt in everything it does. Rooted in shared experiences, Cultivate core values create a sense of identity and act as a compass. We believe that our values should be both practical and aspirational, while underlining the work and methods we apply to engage with clients, guests, colleagues, and brand partners. When implemented with intention, these guiding principles help place the right people in the right seats, foster relationships, and champion our mission.

Core Values

Good Human

Being human is a given. (Unless you’re an office dog.) But being a good human is a choice that we believe in making at work and play. At Cultivate, we have a zero asshole policy. Be groovy or leave, man!

Solution Oriented

We think outside of the box and color outside of the lines to find innovative solutions. Through creativity, curiosity, and collaboration, we keep an open mind to be solution-oriented in our approach.

Never Satisfied

The Rolling Stones can’t get no satisfaction and neither can we. Cultivate sets the industry standards, and we believe every day is a new opportunity to aim even higher. We push ourselves to the limit of what’s possible. We’re our own best competition and never settle for less than amazing.

Genuine Leaders

We earn trust and admiration through our actions, not only our words. We empower others and value feedback while demonstrating confidence and kindness to gain the respect of our peers.

Humor & Positivity

We look on the bright side and believe there is always humor and positivity to be found. Together, we create a mutually respectful company culture and inclusive working, learning, and teaching environment where no one takes themselves too seriously.

Let's talk about your gift program

You select the experience, we take care of the details; it’s really that easy. If you would like more information about gift experiences, we’d love to hear from you!


What our clients are saying

“The Cultivate team has consistently gone above and beyond to work with us to ensure the best experience for our guests. They have become an important part of our event’s success year after year!”

— Tammy, Marketing Communications Manager

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