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Send useful and thoughtful gifts to anyone, anytime. Cultivate’s all-in-one Online Gifting Platform equips you with the tools you need to deliver appreciation directly to people’s inboxes.

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How it works:

Launch Online Gifting Platform


An Online Gifting Platform designed specifically for your program.



People select gifts while you track redemption in real-time.


Fulfillment and delivery are handled by our team of experts.

All-in-one Gifting Platform.

There are endless excuses to send a gift — getting promoted, prospecting sales leads, thanking a client, celebrating milestones, and the list goes on.

Cultivate’s all-in-one Platform is designed with tools that help you focus on what matters—set up teams and assign gifting budgets ahead of time, view redemption data in real-time, and only pay when someone selects a gift. Schedule a demo to see how our Platform works.

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Online Gifting Platform deliver appreciation to people's  inbox

Tools to help you focus on what matters.

Send a single gift or as many as you want at one time

Only pay when people select a gift of their choice

Appreciate anyone and send gifts practically anywhere

Track your gifts every step of the way

Invite unlimited team members and set their budget

View every gift people have selected overtime

Preview entire Collections of gifting options before sending

Send gifts instantly or schedule them go out later

Personalize your Platform with branding, typefaces, and more

Designed to streamline every step.

Strengthen connections

Premium gifts are conversation starters and go beyond words to show them you care.

Nurture meaningful relationships offline and online

Send a personal messages with your gifts

Weekly summaries tell you which gifts were delivered and give you a good reason to reconnect

Empower engagement

Create a culture of appreciation and make sending gifts as fun as receiving them.

Add unlimited team members

Super Admin manages the Platform, assigns team admin, allocates budgets, and has unrestricted access to all team activities and reporting

Data-driven inventory

Collections are dynamic and updated frequently based on redemption data, new trends, and availability.

Collections range from $75 to $500
Always-in-stock options ensure there’s something for everyone

Branded platform

We build a platform in line with your brand identity and program goals.

People instantly recognize and remember who sent them a gift

Thoughtful placement ensures your brand stands out

Add your logo, color palette, and a welcome message

New! 2023 Monthly Appreciation Calendar

A new year — what a gift!

Leverage every opportunity to move your business forward with our monthly appreciation calendar. Filled with reasons to help tailor your gifting strategies — from inspiring wellness and engagement to recognizing others and random acts of kindness. The opportunities to appreciate, motivate, and celebrate people this year are endless. 

Download the 2023 Appreciation Calendar

Appreciation at Work

Inviting people to select a gift of their choice is a gesture they’ll want to pay back. This is what we call Return On Appreciation.™ Our variety of Expert Solutions helps companies of all sizes deepen relationships and maximize opportunities to move business forward.

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“This was our first time partnering with Cultivate, and we found the process to be smooth and easy. The online gifting platform looked professional but personal and made the whole experience fun. Our inquiry on one delivery issue was resolved swiftly. Fantastic service from start to finish!”

—Leslie, Human Resources Director

“As soon as I logged in, I thought, WOW! This is such a treat.”

—Jill, Event Planner

“Cultivate is always willing to accommodate and work with us to make sure that we deliver an amazing experience for our clients. They offer top-of-line brands that are second to none, and their customer service is perfect. Cultivate offers an amazing service backed up by amazing people, and we’re able to offer all of our clients these experiences because of this team!”

—Brittnay, Merchandise Coordinator

“Trying to decide on a gift everyone will like can get complicated and expensive. Online Gifting makes it effortless and affordable!”

—Melissa, Chief Happiness Officer

“I was instantly impressed, and when our online platform launched, so was my boss. People got great gifts and I got the kudos.”

—Sales Rep, Financial Services

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From scalability and revenue generation to unlimited reporting and personalization, connect with the Gifting Experts to learn more about our Online Gifting Platform.

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