Show-stopping gifts that will leave them speechless

Meaningful gifts don’t always fit in a suitcase. That’s why we designed Gifting Suites to combine impressive on-site Pop-up Shops with the ease and innovation of our online Platform.

Cater to their passions with thematic collections

Celebrate their individuality by inviting them to select a gift of their choice from any one of our thematic collections. 

Pop-up Shops

Selected on-site, delivered to their door

Delivering showstopping gifts people will love, use, and remember can be a challenge. Now, it doesn’t have to be! Gifting Suites is the best of both worlds.

Larger than life gifts they demo on-site without the hassle of fitting them into a suitcase

Get behind-the-scenes access, brand your site, and watch the process in real time as people order gifts.

Inspirational images add an instant ‘wow’ factor and set the mood

On-site Staff are trained to provide white-glove service and make the process a breeze.

We can source nearly every brand you can imagine, whatever the theme

We handle the details like delivery after the event ends, so you can focus on making your event a success.

How it works

1. Try

People get to touch and feel the products on display to decide on their favorite gift.

2. Select

Once decided, they place their order from your branded Platform.

3. Delivered

Gifts are shipped directly to each recipient’s preferred address.

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From impressive Pop-up Shops and professional On-site Staff to gifts delivered to their doorstep after the event ends, connect with an expert to learn more about Gifting Suites.

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