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At Cultivate, we know unwanted gifts erode relationships, and unexpectedly, great ones cement them. That’s why we invite people to select a gift of their choice on-site and online.

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46% of the Fortune 100 and 31% of the Fortune 500 companies trust Cultivate to appreciate their employees, clients, and partners.

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Which gifting solution is right for you?

Three ways to gift, countless moments to appreciate.

Online Gifting

Need to send a gift now?

Appreciate anyone, anywhere, anytime with a gift of their choice from our all-in-one Platform.

  • Connect with an expert to sign up and start gifting the same day
  • Only pay for gifts redeemed
  • Track all activities
On-site Gifting

Need to elevate your event?

An impressive Pop-Up Shop invites people to browse and select a gift of their choice.

  • Instant gratification they take home same day
  • White-glove, expert event staff
  • We handle the details, from logistics to Inventory and distribution
Gifting Suites

Want to combine the best of on-site + online?

Thematic gifting offers incredible options and each gift is shipped directly to the recipient after the event.

  • Gifting themes include Electronics, Fashion, Outdoors, Travel, Home, Wellness, and more!
  • People browse samples on-site, order from your Platform, and we deliver it to them

Employees Customers Influencers Partners Suppliers Consultants Vendors Contractors Specialists
are your company's greatest assets

Give them more than a gift.

We believe the more you value people, the more they’ll repay you with extra effort, better output, and greater loyalty. See how generating a Return On Appreciation™ can make a big difference to your bottom line.

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