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With more than a decade of experience, 600+ programs per year, and over 135,000 people appreciated annually, Cultivate is the gifting partner you can trust.

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Corporate gifting has always been a thing, but most of the money spent misses the mark. People receive a generic gift, and the giver checks it off their to-do list. There was no genuine appreciation expressed or felt… until 2010, when Cultivate founder, Tom Romine, had the idea to let people select a gift of their choice.

Since then, Cultivate has evolved the industry, delivering appreciation to millions of people around the world, and becoming a trusted partner for a growing portfolio of Fortune 1000 clients like IBM, Verizon, Boeing, and Charles Schwab.

After more than a decade of successful On-site Gifting, Cultivate launched an Online Gifting Platform that helps companies deliver appreciation directly to people’s inboxes.

As we head into the next decade of growth, we are putting our skills and talents to use to help companies create meaningful connections through gifting, and applying the grit and determination it takes to lead a billion-dollar industry.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help people appreciate appreciation.

Our Core Values

Good Human

Act with integrity, kindness, and empathy.

Solution Oriented

Think outside of the box, creating better ways of doing business through creativity, curiosity, and collaboration.

Genuiune Leader

Lead authentically, with positive intent, respect, and humor working as a team.

Continuous Improvement

Committed to learning and developing as individuals, a team, and a company.

Our Vision

In the quest to fulfill our mission, we rely on our core values to ensure aspirations align with our ideas, interactions, and culture.

How we’re different

Appreciation can have a positive impact on your company’s success. But when you go at it alone, complications and costs can spiral. Our team helps companies of all sizes plan, launch, and deliver memorable and personalized gifting programs at any scale.

Here are a few examples of what makes Cultivate unique:

Gifting with choice

Appreciating people with gifts they get to select ensures everyone receives a premium gift they’ll love, use, and remember who gave it to them.

Gifting options are curated and recommended by our team of experts

Collections are updated frequently based on redemption data, new trends, and availability

Expert solutions

No matter your goals, our variety of solutions connects people online and on-site.

Our variety of proven solutions will help you deliver gifting programs that meet your needs

Thoughtful gifting has the power to make events, rewards, and relationships special

Confident team

From helping you manage the details to delivering a memorable experience, we’re here to ensure you achieve your gifting goals.

Our team is trusted, hands-on, and ready to make your vision a reality while also bringing you new ideas and recommendations

We’re good humans with a gift for making it happen

New! 2023 Monthly Appreciation Calendar

A new year — what a gift!

Leverage every opportunity to move your business forward with our monthly appreciation calendar. Filled with reasons to help tailor your gifting strategies — from inspiring wellness and engagement to recognizing others and random acts of kindness. The opportunities to appreciate, motivate, and celebrate people this year are endless. 

Download the 2023 Appreciation Calendar

“Gifting with Cultivate is the easiest turnkey process you will ever experience.”

—Joe, Senior Events Manager

“With such amazing products, Cultivate is my go-to for client gifts.”

—Cindy, President

“My Cultivate experience has been amazing from the first time I used them. I’m a repeat customer because of it. My guests are always thrilled to get something other than a branded sweatshirt!”  

—Patti, Special Events Manager

“I had a wonderful experience working with Cultivate and our guests absolutely loved selecting their own gift!”

—Cindee, Event Professional

“I don’t have a lot of free time to find gifts for my long list of clients. A colleague recommended Cultivate, so I filled out a contact form and connected with someone on the same day. My clients still talk about the high-end options.”

—Account Manager, Real Estate

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