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Send gifts online to anyone, anywhere, anytime

Online gifting platform that lets people invite someone to select a gift of their choice when it matters.

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Invite someone to select a gift of their choice when it matters

Send useful and thoughtful gifts to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Intuitive and user-friendly technology helps you save time, maximize your budget, and show appreciation by delivering a gift of their choice to their inbox.

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Helping you create meaningful connections through gifting

Curated collections

Gifts are recommended by our team of experts who believe the right amount of choice makes people happy.

Delivered anywhere in the world

People tell us where they want their gift shipped, then we deliver it to them.

Tailored to your goals

Tell us your program objectives and we’ll help you achieve them.

Appreciation that works at the core of every program

We are the Gifting Experts, and we believe appreciating people with a quality gift of their choice connects people and fosters long-lasting relationships. That’s why our team of experts offers a variety of gifting solutions for any occasion.

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How it Works

Step 1


An online gifting platform designed specifically for your program.

Step 2


They shop for a quality product of their choice.

Step 3


Delivery is handled by our team of experts.

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New eBook: The Evolution of Corporate Gifting 💫

Download the eBook for expert advice that will help you break old habits and leverage the following concepts to create and foster meaningful connections:

  • Personalized gifting that aligns with people’s interests
  • Attach to key milestones or professional connections
  • Choice shows a high degree of thoughtfulness
  • Appreciation that works and reflects your investment
Download the Evolution of Corporate Gifting eBook

The Cultivate team has consistently gone above and beyond to work with us and ensure everyone finds a gift they’ll love. They are the absolute best and have become an important part of our programs success year after year!”

— Tammy, Marketing Communications Manager

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