Summer gifting heats up

by | May 25, 2021 | Brands

Event Gifting Virtual Gifting with quality products people will love.

Summertime brings warm sunshine, blue skies, and countless reasons to celebrate and appreciate people with quality products from brands they’ll love. Whether they are avid grillers, outdoor enthusiasts, or enjoy relaxing by the pool, we have something for everyone. Our team of Gifting Experts has outlined a preview of quality products people can use and enjoy this summer. (You may even discover a few items that you need for yourself!) To discover even more Event and Virtual Gifting options from brands they’ll love, download our 2021 Gifting Catalog.

Event Gifting

With Event Gifting, you select the category, and we tailor the products to your event. Since Event Gifting is delivered on-site anywhere in the world, our team takes the size and weight of gifting options into account. Our on-site collections tend to be relatively light and easy to carry. Popular picks include:

  • One of the popular products during the warm weather months is sandals. People can wear and enjoy them as soon as they select their favorite pair.
  • Fashion and sport sunglasses provide classic style while also protecting eyes from the sun. Another popular pick is the variety of men’s and women’s hats that provide shade and sun protection with SPF.
  • For long days on the beach or by the pool, nothing beats the convenience of insulated drinkware. They keep your drink cold and are a winner for casual summer entertaining and outdoor outings. Plus, they’re reusable making them a sustainable product people will love.
  • One-of-a-kind resort apparel that people can wear during their trip and again when they get home. We also offer performance apparel that’s sweat-wicking and thermoregulating so people can hike, bike, and hang out comfortably.
  • Headed to the pool or waterpark? Keep your essentials, like car keys, wallets, and snacks, dry with waterproof bags. But they’re not just for summer—they also make great gym bags, too!
Event Gifting with quality products people will love this summer.

Virtual Gifting

And with Virtual Gifting, anything goes! Our expanded product selection allows clients to offer people gifts regardless of size or weight, with items like home exercise equipment and barbeque grills. Some highly-redeemed summer favorites include:

  • Manicured greens, sandy surfaces, and plush grass all work for our selection of fun and entertaining yard games that everyone in the family will enjoy. From golf sets to standup paddleboards, there’s something for everyone.
  • Sunny skies just call for more time outdoors. Our recreational gear, such as eBikes and camping sets, will encourage people to get out and about.
  • You might not be in Margaritaville, but quality kitchen products and appliances can turn your kitchen into blended bliss. High-powered blenders, stand mixers, and gadgets help you create delicious frozen concoctions.
  • Projectors, Smart TVs, sound systems, and portable speakers will keep people entertained all summer long. 
  • Summertime is for backyard barbequing, and our grilling options offer everything you need for your next cookout.
Corporate summer gifting with quality products people will love.

Whether you’re appreciating people online or at your next event, our Curated Collections offer something for everyone. Our team of experts monitors trends, reviews feedback, and designs each Curated Collection with care. To see and learn more about the brands and quality products we offer for Event and Virtual Gifting, download our 2021 Gifting Catalog.  

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