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True confessions of gifting gone wrong

Can you recall a time when gifting went wrong in your life? Maybe it was the time you received a gift you didn't want or didn't ask for or the time you dropped a thousand hints yet still didn't receive the item you really wanted. Or that year you received an already spent gift card. We’re cringing just thinking about it all. If you’ve ever received a less than stellar gift, read this blog and know you’re not alone. We're detailing what went wrong and how our concept of choice could have saved the day.

When we reconnect—make it memorable

If you’re like us, reconnecting on-site for meetings, events, and incentive trips is probably high on your wishlist but not ranking highly on your current to-do list. The postponement of on-site programs doesn’t mean you can’t, or shouldn’t, start planning ahead in the meantime. Like planting a seed in the ground, the on-site programs you plan now will eventually bloom into memorable gift experiences.

Balancing work and well-being

Finding a work-life balance can be emotional, and these days, we find ourselves on a new precipice: how can we remove some of the emotions and stressors surrounding all of our own new, varying nine-to-five routines? We don’t have all the answers, but we do have some advice that might help, for the sake of our work—and the sake of our post-work selves.

Gifting all over the world

In many cultures, gift-giving is customary and is viewed as a part of our innate, human nature. Understanding the reasons why we gift can help you cement better relationships with your recipients and deliver your intent in a caring, genuine way.

Dining-in: Savory, summertime tortilla soup

You finally received the gift that’s been on your wishlist for a while: a Dutch oven. It turned up on your doorstep after you indulged in a virtual gift experience– and now, it’s time to put it to use. We know it’s getting warmer outside and you likely aren’t craving soup as often, but can we all just pretend it’s a little rainy outside and we’re chilling out on the couch with this bowl of goodness?

Deliver employee appreciation to their doorstep

Experience and ongoing research have proven that actively appreciating employees is an essential part of keeping them happy, engaged, and productive. With more people working from home than ever before, can you think of a better time to show your recipients that you appreciate them? We couldn’t either.

Dining-in: Pasta that’s a cut above

To help you and your recipients’ hon in on culinary skills and feel more confident in the kitchen, we’re here with recipes to try and review and housewares that make it all the more flavorful and down-right fun. First up is a summer-inspired Spaghetti Carbonara that only takes 20 minutes.

Cultivate_blog_Inspiration_Dining-in_ Pasta that's a cut above_image_

The answer to canceled events: the right amount of choice

Our clients are resolving their event dilemmas with a virtual gift experience because they’ve come to understand the importance of choice. Too many options can feel overwhelming while not enough can end up making your gift program fall a little flat. Ten years of successful on-site gifting has proven that we won’t overload your recipients with too many, or too few, choices.

Eco-friendly incentives that make everyone feel good

At Cultivate, we believe that through giving your recipients the choice to select a gift they want from a variety of aspirational brands and products, we’re providing a sustainable solution for your gifting program. Here’s why:

Home office essentials we can’t live without

Honing in on that “work smarter, not harder” mentality, we asked our team to share their favorite, must-have home office essentials to help you shake things up for your recipients when their WFH routines are feeling a bit too…routine.

Virtual gift experience aspirational brands and products work from home

New products to inspire your virtual gift program

With the arrival of our virtual gift experiences comes the arrival of new, aspirational brands, products, and gift categories. Whether you had to cancel an event or are looking to excite your work-from-home crew, here’s a list of crowd-pleasing products many recipients are choosing to help spark inspiration for your next gift program.

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