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Appreciate people without loyalty programs

From airline mileage programs to grocery and drugstore frequent shopper cards, these kinds of loyalty programs can be full of frustrating barriers and overwhelming reward options. Our team of experts agrees that the solution is simple: appreciate people with something tangible. Before companies can begin promoting effective loyalty strategies, they must first understand why many loyalty programs fail, and how gifting can help.

Appreciate People without Loyalty Programs_Confusing Barriers_Point Platforms

Add a gift program to strategic planning

When delivered with the right amount of choice, a corporate gifting strategy is a great way to thank customers for their business, employees for their service, and deepen client relationships. If you’re not sure where to start, here are three factors to consider when it comes to planning a corporate gifting strategy: timing, choice, and budget.

add gifting to strategic planning

New year, new gifts to share

A new year calls for new additions to our aspirational lineup, and we’re here to introduce you to each one. From CBD-infused skincare to cozy candles and cups of tea, browse this blog to discover new gifts your recipients are guaranteed to love.

An optimistic outlook for 2021

If the unpredictable past year taught us anything, it was the importance of having a plan, a back-up plan, and how to effectively execute both. Even though studies from influential industry researchers are signaling hope on the horizon for 2021, that doesn’t mean preparations should be put on pause.

Dining-in: New Year’s Eve edition

With most people staying at home to celebrate, New Year’s Eve will look and feel a little different this year. While popping a bottle of bubbly to welcome in 2021 is pretty standard, popping confetti is another story. To help you avoid picking tiny bits of colorful paper out of your carpet on January 1st, we’re serving up another way you can keep your indoor celebration popping.

Employee recognition yields real results

If rewarding and recognizing employees can produce tremendous results, why wouldn’t organizations want to make it a top priority? For starters, some don’t understand why it's important. Furthermore, many don’t have a gift program in place to help facilitate their appreciation.

The magic of motivation

While working remotely, it’s essential to your health and well-being that you take time to learn what motivates you, both extrinsically and intrinsically. Whether it’s working towards earning a virtual gift experience or an internal sense of fulfillment— what motivates you matters and can affect your work-life balance.

Hot stuff: our most redeemed products

When it comes to successful gift programs, no one else offers the hottest trends in gifts or best-in-class goods your recipients want quite like Cultivate. Here's a quick list of our most recent top-redeemed products by virtual gift experience recipients. Think of this as like window shopping—only better and from the comfort of your couch.

The dos and don’ts of corporate gifting: gift cards

When it comes to giving someone the “gift of choice,” many companies have coined the phrase in hopes of selling more gift cards. But are gift cards deserving of such a liberating title? Although these shiny bits of plastic are supposed to excite recipients, researchers agree that gift cards don’t effectively appreciate or inspire for three main reasons. Here's why.

Dining-in: Thanksgiving edition

This Thanksgiving is an opportunity to think outside the cooktop. Whether you embrace or opt-out of traditional recipes, helpful kitchen tools are still a must for delivering a delicious meal. Since this is a day dedicated to foodies, we’re serving up two recipes for you to try. So, grab that new gift you chose during a recent virtual gift experience—and one of 2020s most sought after holiday items—the air fryer. And let’s get this party started.

The dos and don’ts of corporate gifting: exchanging in the office

Gift-giving in the workplace is a delicate subject. Whether you’re giving someone a holiday gift, birthday present, or celebrating another special occasion such as a promotion or retirement—a thoughtless or inappropriate gift can do more harm than good. Making a conscious effort to surprise and delight colleagues, clients, and partners with a gift they want can lead to a big payoff in more ways than one.

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