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by | May 21, 2020 | Experts

Sustainability is a choice. We all choose to make sustainable decisions, like recycling and thrifting vintage clothes, because they are good for the world around us; everything and everyone in it. It’s a choice as simple as selecting what you’re going to wear in the morning, where you want to work, what type of car you drive, and the products that you shop for. The items you choose reflect your lifestyle and preferences, they’re what make you unique.

At Cultivate, we believe that through giving your recipients the choice to select a gift they want from a variety of aspirational brands and products, we’re providing a sustainable solution for your gifting program. Here’s why:

The gift of choice
Branded fleece jackets, coffee mugs, and USB sticks are all well and good. But do they make an impact? More often than not, these are the most common corporate gifts found in donation and landfill piles. Why? When you send a gift that your recipients didn’t get to choose for themselves, there is a significant probability that a percentage of your guests either won’t like or won’t ever use the item. There isn’t one item every person is guaranteed to love. Therefore the gift becomes a waste that ends up in a donation pile or landfill, defeating your goal of being more sustainable and delivering your intent to appreciate and inspire.

With a little bit of thoughtfulness and the freedom to choose, you can ensure everyone finds a gift they want and will enjoy using for months or years after your virtual gift experience fades.

Curated Mixes to help lift morale

Don’t fall into the tchotchke trap. Instead, do something different, give something better – like a Curated Mix of aspirational brands and products. Everything from work-from-home essentials to housewares and electronics is available for your budget and sure to provide a gift they will love as soon as it hits their doorstep.

A virtual gift experience may only be one act of appreciation, but it can produce intrinsic rewards that go a long way in lifting morale. It can encourage higher individual self-esteem and self-confidence, and if viewed through the lens of sustainability, it can also help to develop and strengthen the values of your recipients and your company.

Values and perceptions:

As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” Opting for sustainable gifts when selecting your gifting partner reflects back on the values of your organization and demonstrates how your company is making conscious decisions to support eco-friendly practices whenever possible. By reinforcing your company values, it shows your recipients that you value them as much as you value standing by your principles.

To learn more about a few of our brand partners, read through this previous blog highlighting brands giveback efforts.

Sustainable gifting is an impactful gifting decision that all of our clients, big or small, can implement into their upcoming virtual gift programs. Connect with us to learn more and start planning today!

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