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A new spin on gift experiences

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Brands

On the record: Vinyl Me, Please is putting a new spin on gift experiences.

Music is an ever-evolving art form; from how we listen to music to what we’re actually listening to is constantly shifting. Nowadays companies such as Spotify and Pandora are leading the way in terms of music-based streaming services and giving listeners the ability to press play on any device they decide. But just as the digital world becomes more automated, two music enthusiasts are asking your guests to dust off their old analog record player. And for very good reason.

The resurgence of pressed records has music fans everywhere rejoicing. Vinyl players have been around since 1877 but thanks to the constant stream of emerging talent and number of vinyl productions coming out of Nashville (aka Music City), the century-old sound optimizer is back in demand and better than ever.

Tyler Barstow and Matt Fiedler are the guys behind Vinyl Me, Please, and the two responsible for discovering a better way to bring music to more than 100,000+ doorsteps each month. Vinyl Me, Please is a monthly vinyl subscription that connects music enthusiasts with one-of-a-kind vinyl pressings, diverse music-centric events, and content across all genres. Since 2013, VMP has been rebelling against the commoditization of music by operating with the belief that music is worth owning and appreciating.

The hottest trend in music is to play it on vinyl. Each guest receives their choice of turntable system with a three-month subscription delivered directly to their doorstep. Vinyl Me, Please is committed to delivering a one-of-a-kind of experience that lives up to the records your guests will receive each month and believes that music is one of the most incredible essentials that humanity has ever created. That passion coupled with a medley of musical genres are just a few of the reasons why this gift experience is fitting for all guests and upcoming gift programs.

Vinyl is a tangible representation of beloved music and brings with it a ritual your guests shouldn’t live without. What music your guests listen to and how they listen to it matters. It ends up being an essential part of who they are, and that’s just another part of them to appreciate. Literally speaking, a Vinyl Me, Please gift experience during your guests well-deserved vacation will be like music to their ears.

(Images: Brad and Jen)


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