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Gifting Dashboard

All-in-one gifting platform to help you focus on what matters

Send a single gift or as many as you want at one time

Track your gifts 
every step of the way

Only pay when people select a gift
Invite unlimited team members and set their budget
Appreciate anyone and send gifts practically anywhere

People select a gift of 
their choice

Be one of the first to try our all-in-one gifting platform.

Designed to streamline every step

Strengthen Connections

Quality gifts serve as tangible conversation starters and go beyond words to show them you care

Nurture meaningful relationships offline and online

Send a personal messages with your gifts

Empower Engagement

Create a culture of appreciation and make sending gifts as fun as receiving them
Add unlimited team members
Weekly summaries tell you which gifts were delivered and give you a good reason to reconnect

Data-Driven Inventory

Curated Collections are dynamic and updated frequently based on redemption data, new trends, and availability

Collections range from $75 to $500
Always-in-stock options ensure there’s something for everyone

Branded Platform

We build a platform in line with your brand identity
People instantly recognize and remember who sent them a gift

Thoughtful placement ensures your brand stands out

Add your logo, color palette, and a welcome message

Help us launch the next evolution of Virtual Gifting

Cultivate’s Virtual Gifting Dashboards allow you to deliver appreciation in an entirely new way. Designed to improve online gifting, these new tools help you focus on what matters, empower connections, and move your business forward.

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