Easy for you, rewarding for them

Deliver a gift experience online

Our virtual gift experiences will give them a reason to get excited. They can select a gift they love without being overwhelmed or uninspired by gift cards, cash, and crowded point platforms that often disappoint. Appreciate, motivate and celebrate with a virtual gift experience.

How it Works

Step 1: You’ve got mail

Recipients receive a link and unique login to your custom website that provides a simple, straightforward shopping experience.

Step 2: Shop around

They shop the curated product collection designed for your budget and select a gift they love.

Step 3: Doorstep delivery

Once they receive order confirmation, their gift is shipped to their doorstep.

Contact us

If you’re looking to appreciate employees or customers, motivate your sales team or celebrate company accomplishments, let us help you create an exciting virtual gift experience. 

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A better way

Curated Collections to fit their wants and your budget

Do something different, give something better. Step-up your virtual gift program by inviting recipients to shop a Curated Collection of aspirational brands. Everything from work-from-home essentials to housewares and electronics is available for your budget and sure to provide everyone with a gift they will love as soon as it hits their doorstep.

Something for everyone

Which gift experience is right for you?

No matter which experience you choose, recipients will select from a Curated Collection of aspirational brands, delivered with the right amount of choice so they always find a gift they’ll love and use.


An online, user-friendly solution offering Curated Collections of aspirational gifts at every price level.

  • Employee or customer appreciation
  • Sales incentives
  • Holiday Gifts



A pop-up boutique experience delivering instant gratification to your guests, anywhere in the world.

  • Incentive trips
  • Company & Sales meetings
  • Holiday Parties



The best of both worlds to take your program to the next level.

  • Pre-event gifts
  • Gifting Suites with Drop-Ship options
  • Programs in high-tax or hard to reach destinations
  • Multiple-Touch Programs
  • Post-event Gifts


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