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Tasc: built by bamboo, made for you

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Brands

In 2019, we’re excited to be offering Tasc Performance apparel for your on-site events. Striving to enhance active experience through the innovation of original fabrics sourced from bamboo plants, Tasc is designed to fit comfortably and perform well. 

Tasc’s Story

Tasc believes that like the best moments in life, your clothing should be intuitive, natural, and make you feel better. Since 2009, they’ve been a leader in the reinvention of performance apparel. They found other traditional performance materials like polyester and cotton irritated the skin, retained odor, and included a heavy use of chemical applications for performance. Tasc knew there was a better way, so they set out to create it themselves. 

While they knew the benefits of fabrics sourced from Moso timber bamboo, it was difficult to work with it as it didn’t hold its shape or color. Tasc spent over two years developing their unique process BamCo® which resulted in a fabric that felt better than cotton and performed without chemical enhancements. Since that first development, Tasc created 14 other fabrics that cover a broad spectrum of function. Each one was developed to serve a unique purpose balanced with versatility that adapts to modern performance lifestyle. Designed to meet the demands of everyday life, the technical properties of Tasc’s bamboo fabric are luxuriously- soft, moisture-wicking, anti-odor, superior breathability, and natural UPF 50+ protection. 

Process of Building a Better Fabric

Spinning Cellulose bamboo fibers and organic cotton or merino wool fibers are ring spun into yarn to produce a smooth, ultra-soft and durable product. 

Knitting– The knitting process utilizes more fine needles per square inch than standard traditional knits to achieve the smoothest and most comfortable fabrics possible. 

Dying– The team then transforms the fabric into vibrant colors utilizing state of the art dye equipment that ensures an even colouration that will last wash after wash. 

Garment Construction– Each piece of fabric is carefully cut and constructed by Tasc’s production team, with most of the pieces hand cut and hand sewn. 

Tasc products are manufactured in India at a factory that produces exclusively for the brand. Ninety percent of the energy used in making the garments is renewable energy which is provided by solar panels installed at the factory. As a family run business, Tasc measures their success by the relationships they maintain with everyone who helps to create Tasc fabrics and apparel. 

Why Tasc?

Not your average performance apparel, Tasc was designed with versatility in mind for optimal performance and comfort no matter where your adventure takes you. Their intricate process produces something simple: an incredibly comfortable fabric that works as hard as you do. Set the expectations for apparel higher at your next event with colors, styles, and fits for every guest. Get out there in style with Tasc.


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