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by | Oct 24, 2019 | Experts

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Cultivate’s approach to service is seamless; we take care of the details. One, so you don’t have to and because we understand that it’s just as much about the experience as it is the gifts. This is one reason why we’re committed to making sure that our on-site event team is the best in the industry. Our Diamond Level Certification training ensures that we’re delivering a great on-site experience.

Designed around making the moment last for your guests, we strive to create successful on-site gift experiences that will continue to spark meaningful conversations long after the event fades. From our full-service process and pop-up boutique merchandising to assessing your guests needs and helping them select a gift they’ll truly love; in everything we do, we strive to be flawless.

man straightening Cultivate custom shoe display

We come prepared with the event schedule, merchandising assets, branded product, and related event information. Our goal is for your event to go as planned but, as life goes, things can happen. From changing weather conditions, to unexpected small spaces, we train our team to identify, analyze, and prioritize any setbacks that may arise on-site.

shoe resting on Cultivate footwear display

Aside from being well versed in event logistics, our on-site team is educated on the brands we feature on-site. We are experts when it comes to our variety of categories and brands, giveback components, and individual product features. We create new gift programs that will wow your guests; from our list of recommended Popular Pairings to elevate their gift experience, to our variety of aspirational brands that your guests will frequently use. 

girl in sunglasses smiling during Cultivate on-site gift experience

We deliver over 500 events per year, gifting over 135,000 guests. In over a decade of gifting, our objective as a company has remained best told through our core purpose: working together to appreciate and inspire amazing people. Having a Diamond Level Certified on-site staff coupled with a selection of brands, products, and categories to choose from when selecting your gift partner makes sense. As you start thinking about upcoming events, please keep Cultivate in mind.


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