Why so many gift programs disappoint

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Experts

Didn’t receive a positive reaction from last year’s gift program? Practical gifts don’t effectively inspire anyone. The one-gift-fits-all mentality is stale and often results in disappointment. Let Cultivate help put the old ways of giving to rest and make the most out of your upcoming gift programs by providing a more valuable solution.

Practical gifts don’t inspire
While you may think that a gift card to a large retail company guarantees that everyone is getting a gift they’ll enjoy and use, it doesn’t fully recognize an individual’s personal contribution to the company. When you give someone a gift card you’re essentially giving them cash to spend as they wish. When someone receives a cash gift they’re more likely to go out and spend it on something practical rather than something they’re excited about. And if all of your employees are going out and buying something they need instead of something they’d really enjoy, your efforts wind up unsuccessful and unnoticed.

There’s an easier, better way
Our solution for successful company gifts is simple, offering your employees a choice with a Curated Mix of aspirational products and brands. We offer a wide variety of gift experiences to fit any budget with premium brands in categories such as sunglasses, shoes and sandals, handbags, and more! Looking to amplify this year’s holiday party? We’ll turn your gifting efforts into a memorable experience rather than just a box to check off your list. Our easy and seamless process leaves all of the details up to us. We come equipped with custom-designed websites and pop-up boutiques to help everyone find a gift they love.

Not planning an on-site event?
We also offer virtual gift experiences for your company. Invite your recipients to select a gift they love, delivered to their doorstep. Curated Mixes are tailored to fit any size budget with even more aspirational products and brands than our on-site experiences. It’s never been easier to find something new and exciting that your recipients will love. Speak with your sales representative today to get started!

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