New Year, new reasons (and ways!) to appreciate people

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According to a 12-year survey from the IRF, gifting budgets are expected to increase by 34% in 2022. Does this signal a positively unprecedented year for appreciating people? While we remain optimistic about the future of gifting, the IRF survey points out that “The future remains unpredictable, but the desire to invest in incentives has never waned.”

To help you plan ahead, our team outlines 22 reasons to appreciate people in the new year, how our gifting solutions work, and introduces a new way to appreciate people that combines the best of Virtual and Event Gifting. Put down your work, pick up a glass, and let’s toast to 2021 becoming a thing of the past.

Reasons to appreciate people in 2022

There are many different ways people bring value to the workplace and teams. Don’t miss an opportunity like Employee Appreciation Day to celebrate the people who make it possible to achieve company missions. With that said, appreciation is most effective when it is shown consistently. Just as you wouldn’t limit expressing love only on Valentine’s Day, it would be foolish to only appreciate people on holidays. Former chairman of the Ford Motor Company, Donald Peterson, said, “The most important ten minutes of your day are those you spend doing something to boost the people you work with.”

Recurring, genuine acts of appreciation are highly valued by most individuals and tend to have a domino effect of benefits. The first step in expressing authentic appreciation is identifying what it is you appreciate. Is it something related to people’s behavior, character, and or achievements? A person’s value goes beyond their work performance. So, it’s important to recognize and thank people for other things, such as exhibiting the organization’s core values, leading with humor and positivity, or volunteering in the community. To inspire your program purposes, our team has outlined 22 reasons to appreciate people in 2022:

  1. For exhibiting the organization’s core values
  2. Consistently meeting deadlines
  3. Exemplifying a strong work ethic
  4. Taking time to appreciate others
  5. Staying late and working overtime
  6. Representing the organization positively
  7. Creating a better process or system
  8. For having a positive attitude
  9. Handling pressure well
  10.  Motivating others through constructive feedback
  11.  Being a genuine leader
  12.  For filling in for someone
  13.  Celebrate years of experience
  14.  Thinking outside the box
  15.  Effective communication skills
  16.  Collaborating with another department
  17.  For being inclusive
  18.  Motivating and empowering others
  19.  Giving credit where credit is due
  20.  Setting proactive goals
  21.  Training and mentoring colleagues
  22.  Being team-oriented

Gifting solutions and how they work

From Virtual and Event Gifting to Hybrid Programs, we offer various gifting solutions that will help you appreciate anyone, anywhere, with a quality product of their choice. To help you understand the difference between these three gifting solutions, our team has outlined the top three reasons clients select these program types and how each one works in three steps.

Virtual Gifting: An online gifting platform for anyone, anywhere.

Top three reasons clients select Virtual Gifting:

  • Employee/Customer Appreciation
  • Holiday Gifts/Parties
  • Company and or Sales Meeting      

How Virtual Gifting works in 3-steps: 

  1. Launch: We build a gifting platform that meets your budget and goals.
  2. The choice is theirs: They shop for a quality product of their choice.
  3. Delivered: Delivery is handled by our team of experts.

Event Gifting: An on-site pop-up shop created to reward the best, delivered on-site anywhere in the world.

Top three reasons clients select Event Gifting:

  • Company and or Sales Meeting
  • Incentive Trip
  • Employee/Customer Appreciation

How Event Gifting works in 3-steps: 

  1. Tell us about your event: We’ll meet you there no matter the location.
  2. We handle the details: From logistics and inventory management to set up and distribution.
  3. The choice is theirs: An inviting pop-up shop lets people try on and find what fits them.

Hybrid Programs: Thoughtful gifting for every touchpoint of their incentive trip.

Top three reasons clients select Hybrid Programs:

  • Incentive trips
  • Events in high-tax or remote destinations
  • Post-event

How Hybrid Programs work in 3-steps: 

  1. Pre-event Gifting: People shop your online gifting platform for a quality product that they can bring with them.
  2. Event Gifting: Wow them with a gift they will love and use at the event and long after.
  3. Post-event Gifting: Help them remember their incentive trip with an invitation to select a gift online.

Introducing a new way to appreciate people

As we continue to innovate gifting solutions for our clients, Cultivate is excited to introduce Gifting Suites. Delivered on-site but people redeem online, Gifting Suites are thematic gifting options tailored to people’s passions. Gifting Suites combine Pop-up Shops, Done-for-You Service, and our Diamond Level On-site Staff to deliver a memorable experience people will love.

One of the best features? There are no limits on the size of gifting options, meaning there’s a broader selection of quality products that people can touch and feel on-site before selecting a gift of their choice. If you’re looking to incorporate a new way to appreciate people with personalized quality products, look no further.

How Gifting Suites work in 3-steps:

  1. Select a theme, and we’ll work with you and your budget to design thematic gifting options.
  2. We create a Pop-up Shop for each gifting category, and then people interact with the products on-site.
  3. They select their gift of choice using our Virtual Gifting Platform, and our team ships their gift of choice to their preferred address.

Don’t wait on March 5th for Employee Appreciation Day—there’s no better time to start appreciating people than the beginning of a new year. Carrying that appreciation through the entire year is sure to have a lasting impact that people will remember. If you need help appreciating people in 2022, connect with our team of Gifting Experts. Every program is unique and we’re here to make yours a success.

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