Holiday gifting: be the exception, not the rule

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Experts

What’s the most memorable holiday gift you’ve ever received? If nothing specific comes to mind, it turns out you’re not alone. A 2018 research survey on behalf of Groupon shows that recipients actually forget about most of the gifts they get for the holidays. In fact, out of the 2,000 American adults surveyed, the study found that 53% of recipients have already forgotten about the holiday gifts they received last year.

With the festive season right around the corner, these findings might make you think twice about the impact of your upcoming gift program. So, how can you avoid giving an employee, client, or customer a gift they’ll forget about? By letting them choose.

Around the holidays, the gift-giving pressure is on. With an average spend of $185 per gift, most people gift recipients with the intent for it to be treasured long after the season ends. But according to this study, researchers found that recipients will unwrap an average of three forgettable items with one of those gifts never touched again after January 1st. To avoid this kind of scenario when gifting employees, colleagues, or clients, don’t turn to gift cards, cash, branded merchandise, or tchotchke items. Instead, turn to the gifting experts that you know and trust. For us, nothing can put a dent in our holiday spirit faster than a disappointed recipient and a wasted opportunity to appreciate and inspire.

So, how can you make your holiday gift program memorable? By taking the guesswork out of gifting. If you’re contemplating what to give someone, chances are their family and friends are doing the same thing. And nobody wants to receive two of the same gift or a gift that was never on their wishlist. The ideal gift-giving scenario includes three key elements: choice, aspirational gifts, and frequency of use. If you give your recipients the option to select a gift they want from a collection of aspirational brands and products they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, chances are they’ll use it more often and remember who gave it to them.

Research proves that a memorable gift is on everyone’s wishlist. Don’t fall into the trap of giving unmemorable gifts like cash, gift cards, branded merchandise, or tchotchke—be the exception, not the rule. Treat your recipients to a virtual gift experience and let them choose a gift they want. Because we all know the most memorable and cherished gifts we ever receive are usually the ones we select for ourselves.

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