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In January, the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) released its 2021 Trend Report, revealing stats, industry trends, and realistic expectations for the continued year ahead. The topics within the report range from virtual engagement and contingency planning to the value of individual rewards and more. Moreover, these reports are chalked full of insightful information and well-researched articles.

As the Gifting Experts, we believe the right amount of choice makes people happy. This is probably why one topic, in particular, stood out to us: Personalization & Choice Increase Impact of Reward. The article describes the effects of choice and how personalization can leave a lasting impression on people.

Taking inspiration from that article, let’s explore why the right amount of choice makes people happy and how personalization makes them feel appreciated.

The right amount of choice makes people happy

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. In fact, the article begins with “Simple ‘one size fits all’ approaches typically do not achieve their full potential in motivating and engaging [people].” (IRF) The reason this one-for-all approach disappoints is that people operate differently. Some people may feel more appreciated than others when given a pat on the back or words of encouragement, just as some people may feel happy and appreciated when given a gift or incentive trip. These differences are why “a curated, thoughtful choice of reward options is an important aspect of an effective recognition/reward program.” (IRF) Furthermore, choice helps us create mutual respect, recognizes the person as an individual, and places value on their personal taste and interests.

For over a decade, the right amount of choice has been foundational for gifting with Cultivate. Knowing that people differ in how they like to be appreciated, we have carried that awareness into our Curated Collections. Our team of experts only recommends quality products, monitors product trends, and designs each collection with care. Every collection offers something everyone will love, from housewares and fashion accessories to recreational gear and electronics. These collections make gifting memorable and leave a lasting impression that sparks joy each time the person uses or talks about their gift.

Personalization makes people feel appreciated

When defined, personalization means “the action of designing something to meet someone’s individual needs.” For gifting to be effective, choice and personalization should go hand-in-hand. “Personalization makes the most significant impact when the recipient is given choices, the reward selection is curated to reflect the [person’s] preferences and interests, and the reward aligns with the organization’s culture.” (IRF)

Personalization can be applied to both Virtual and Event Gifting. Applying personalization in Virtual Gifting can include personalized e-vites with custom messaging, branded websites, and delivering a gift to a person’s doorstep so the whole family gets to be a part of the unboxing. For some, these kinds of personalization can make the reward feel more meaningful.

Applying personalization to Event Gifting can include adding on one of our Popular Pairings, such as branded microfiber cleaning cloths and pouches to complement their new pair of sunglasses. Our team of experts can also recommend gifts people will use on a trip. Additionally, our Diamond Level On-site Staff has knowledge of the brands and products and can help guests make the right choice and find what fits them. For some, these thoughtful and personalized approaches reinforce the giver’s appreciation. Remember: even the smallest gestures of personalization can have big impacts.

If you haven’t already, check out the IRF’s full 2021 Trend Report. It’s packed full of buzz-worthy content and research. To learn more about the right amount of choice and the impact of personalization, connect with a Gifting Expert!

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