Elevate incentive trips with Hybrid Programs

by | Jun 15, 2021 | New

Group of people enjoying an incentive trip with on-site gifting

Is there anything better than an incentive trip? More than just a method of improving productivity and hitting sales goals, incentive trips are created to appreciate, celebrate, and motivate people who deserve it most.

As you begin planning incentive trips, we’re offering a new way to appreciate people with Hybrid Programs. This blog explores a high-level overview of what Hybrid Programs are and how they work.

What are Hybrid Programs?

The word hybrid is defined as, “a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture.” For gifting, Hybrid Programs combine the best of both worlds. As an event strategy that’s revving up, the hybrid approach is already becoming an important part of our industry. When you partner with Cultivate, Hybrid Programs provide the opportunity for you to appreciate people before, during, and after their incentive trip with quality products of their choice delivered online and on-site.

How do Hybrid Programs work?

Let’s say your incentive trip is taking place in Jamacia. You could appreciate people through our gifting platform with their choice of sandals and resort apparel that they can pack and take with them. Upon arrival or during their trip, our Pop-up Shop will help you reward people with a Curated Collection of quality products they can enjoy during their stay, such as waterproof bags, hats, and sunglasses. Once they’re back home, another round of Virtual Gifting allows you to appreciate people with gifts regardless of size and weight, such as a bar cart or eBike that will serve as a tangible reminder of their trip.

Cultivate Hybrid Programs combine Virtual and Event Gifting

Hybrid Programs are about appreciating people at every touchpoint of their incentive trip and leaving a lasting impression they will remember. To learn even more about how Hybrid Programs can enhance your incentive trip, connect with a Gifting Expert. Not only will you be able to talk through all of the details, you’ll also get a demo to see how our gifting platform works and a detailed proposal with your gifting options and what to expect on-site. 

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