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by | Feb 6, 2019 | Experts

After decades of experience in the incentive industry, and 500+ gift programs successfully delivered annually, we’re challenging the old ways of thinking on how you can maximize the impact of your gift program, and turn your event into a yearlong conversation.

Download your copy of the Gift Expert’s Guide on Gifts that Spark Yearlong Conversations to learn how to design a gift program that leaves your attendees feeling appreciated, empowered, and inspired long after the event is over. You’ll learn how to use three important factors – choice, aspirational brands, and frequency of use in your gift programs. These factors will also help create meaningful conversations around your event and continue to drive home the outcome you want with your incentive program – to make your attendees feel appreciated and inspired. 


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IRF report: Non-cash rewards in a period of high inflation

2022 is becoming a year of growth for many businesses, but not how you might think. With increasing inflation rates, supply chain issues, and an unpredictable economic environment, companies are changing and reevaluating how they think about and value incentives. In this week’s blog feature, our Gifting Experts dive headfirst into the IRF’s recent report to debunk the common misconception that cash incentives are effective.

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