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Eco-friendly incentives that make everyone feel good

At Cultivate, we believe that through giving your recipients the choice to select a gift they want from a variety of aspirational brands and products, we’re providing a sustainable solution for your gifting program. Here’s why:

Home office essentials we can’t live without

Honing in on that “work smarter, not harder” mentality, we asked our team to share their favorite, must-have home office essentials to help you shake things up for your recipients when their WFH routines are feeling a bit too…routine.

Virtual gift experience aspirational brands and products work from home

New products to inspire your virtual gift program

With the arrival of our virtual gift experiences comes the arrival of new, aspirational brands, products, and gift categories. Whether you had to cancel an event or are looking to excite your work-from-home crew, here’s a list of crowd-pleasing products many recipients are choosing to help spark inspiration for your next gift program.

Laughter to lift spirits

Is it safe to say that we all could use some laughter right about now? Comedy can lift our spirits in times like these, encouraging us all to stay upbeat and positive. Thanks to technology, there are endless amounts of entertainment at our fingertips and multiple ways to phone in the comedic relief.

Work-from-home tips

In tough times, one of the best things you can do is lean on friends for support and learn from one another through sharing advice and experiences. With that, we turned to our colleagues who already work remotely to compile a list of helpful tips that might give you a better perspective on working from home.

A new spin on gift experiences

Vinyl Me, Please is committed to delivering a one-of-a-kind of experience that lives up to the record your guests will receive each month. That passion coupled with a medley of musical genres is just a few of the reasons why this gift experience will be like music to your guests' ears. Each guest receives their choice of turntable system with a three-month subscription delivered directly to their doorstep.

Sustainability is here to stay

From reducing plastic waste and responsible manufacturing practices to protecting open space and recycling used goods, many of our brand partners prioritize eco-friendly giveback programs and methods. Designed for the long run, sustainability is a force for positive change and here to stay.

Train the Trainer 2020

Diamond-Level doesn't just happen. And at Cultivate, our mission of working to appreciate and inspire amazing people doesn’t stop with our clients and their guests on-site. Train the Trainer is another way we’re committed to making sure our on-site event team is the best in the industry, our process is turnkey, and your guests receive a great experience at your event.

More to love on-site

Choice is the simplest, most effective way to ensure every guest finds a gift they love and one they will use for months or years after the event fades. Going into the new decade, we’re bringing more choice and on-site variety for our clients and their guests to fall in love with. Consider this a labor of love.

Pursue all that thrills with Smith

Sunny skies ahead. Our Smith gift experience offers an amazing on-site variety of lifestyle frames in great styles and vibrant colors with a pair for every guest. Made with quality materials and longevity of use in mind, each pair of Smith sunglasses are created sustainably. Whether you're blazing new trails or relaxing on the water with friends, Smith will meet you there.

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